How to Regain Time and Sanity by Grocery Shopping in your Pajamas!

With a hectic schedule and a limited amount of time off the road, grocery shopping is the last thing I want to do with my time.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually love to grocery shop. When it was just me I enjoyed browsing the aisles discovering new products to try.  Unfortunately my toddler does not enjoy grocery shopping as much as I do…

Before getting on Dave Ramsey’s plan to become debt free, this used to mean a lot of eating out.  We would go to a local restaurant so much that they knew our daughter’s name!  Obviously we couldn’t continue our dinning habits once we committed to becoming debt free.  So what’s a busy mom to do?

Enter online grocery ordering. You can browse the online grocery store, schedule a pick up, and have your groceries delivered to your car without even stepping foot in the store, better yet, without having to get you child out of their car seat!

It’s been years since I’ve shopped in a Wal-Mart. It’s not that I don’t like the brand, it just the thought of going inside their store gives me anxiety.  I can’t recall many pleasant encounters in-store, however, every online interaction has been top-notch.  Walmart grocery allows me to get value and service at the same time.

The Wal-Mart grocery app is incredibly easy to use.  It also has great features like a running cart balance (great for budget conscious mamas) and the ability to add-on to your order up until about 10 hours before your scheduled pick up!  It never fails that even with the best planning there is always something that pops in your head AFTER you’ve hit submit, so this is a wonderful feature.


The biggest difference between Wal-Mart and other online grocery services comes down to the pick-up. I’ve previously used an online grocery service through a regional grocery store chain. There are several things that I like that the regional chain has on their website that Walmart doesn’t; more product details and drop down for different varieties of the same product.  However, with the regional store chain you have to call the store when you arrive. After you are put on hold and transferred to the online grocery department it can still take an additional 15 minutes to get your groceries!  With Walmart, you check-in on the app when you are headed to get your groceries and it tracks your location through GPS.  Yesterday, when I picked up groceries, the store associate was to my car with my groceries before I could get out and open the trunk!

So, what’s even better than getting to shop in your pajamas, in a socially acceptable setting?  Getting $10 off your first order!  Below is a link to a code for $10 off your grocery purchase of $50 or more.  I don’t know if all of the Wal-Mart’s do this, but I got a swag bag when I picked up my first order.  Who doesn’t like free stuff!

$10 off link:

The cherry on top… Savings Catcher.  You can upload your receipt (or code from your online order) to Savings Catcher and they look at competitor’s advertised prices.  If a competitor has a lower advertised price, they give you the difference!  So far I’ve gotten about $2 back.  Not too shabby for less than 30 seconds of my time to enter the code.


I’ve now used Wal-Mart Grocery three times and plan to continue!  Walmart Grocery also fits perfectly with my meal planning as well (see my post on meal planning and prep).  I feel more wiggle room in our grocery budget since using Walmart Grocery.  It could be Wal-Mart’s incredible deals or the fact I’m not tempted to buy anything that I hadn’t planned on purchasing.

*This is a review of my personal experience with Wal-Mart Grocery. I’m not being compensated for my opinion.

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