Twotti-Frutti Party


My daughter Cora recently turned 2 (where does the time go!) and we hosted an adorable Twotti-Frutti themed birthday party.  She is bananas for bananas.  This girl wakes up every morning and immediately asks for a banana.  So when we were looking for a theme and I came across this post on Pinterest, I knew it would be perfect.  Prior to finding this theme we began to plan for a Moo Moos and Tutu’s; cows with pink tutus.  It was very cute but not quite Cora.  When I told my family that we were having a fruit themed party, they seemed very skeptical.  However, once they saw it all come together they were convinced.

In my family, going to Chuck-E-Cheese for a birthday party is not an option.  We have to go all out.  Cora’s mermaid themed first birthday was OVER THE TOP, so this party had a lot to live up to.  Since we were not able to find many pre-made fruit themed party supplies we had to DIY a lot.  Most of the fruit used on the backdrop were round honey comb balls before we got crafty.  My travels took me to Omaha, Nebraska the week of her party and happened to find many of the honey comb balls at a local party store.  As I was checking in to my hotel room, the front desk was nice enough to loan me a pair of scissors.  I threw down my bags and got to work.

The centerpieces were a combination of vases filled with runts candy and pineapples that had been cored out to become vases.  The vases filled with runts were actually two nested vases.  The runts went on the outside while the flowers were on the inside.  For the pineapple vases, my grandma had purchased a pineapple corer, which turned out to be a lifesaver!  It made quick work of the pineapple and allowed for less waste.  My mom turned $15 dollars worth of grocery store flowers into these masterpieces!  They turned out phenomenal.

Of course the menu had to match the theme as well!  Other than bananas, Cora’s other obsession is Elmo.  I am very much adverse to Cora wearing licensed characters on her clothes, so the thought of a character party was out of the question.   My mom, in true grandma fashion, wanted to make sure Cora got what she wanted.  She turned a bunch of berries, yogurt, and two clementines into an Elmo fruit tray.  It was adorable and the perfect touch.

And a party would not be complete without the perfect dress.  I spent a lot of time looking for a fruit themed dress that was on point, so when I came across the banana dress on Ebay, I knew that it was the one.  The problem: it shipped from China and may not arrive in time for the party.  I purchased the dress about a month out from the party, but China is a long way away!  So I crossed my fingers and decided that the dress was too perfect and it was worth the risk.  To my surprise, the dress arrived only about a week and a half later.  To complete the ensemble I found a Gymboree strawberry sweater in the closet that I had picked up a while ago at a thrift store to put back.  With Cora outfitted I decided I needed something too.  I found a fun Kate Spade banana scarf that was made for a party just like this.

Cora and everyone in attendance had a blast!  The theme could not have been more perfect for our silly girl. Hopefully this will inspire others struggling to find ideas.  I’d love to hear your ideas on what you would have done!

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